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'Camelotfarms will be closed August 30, 2016, @ 5pm until September 8, 2016, @ 8am (Central Time) During this time, orders will not be able to be received or processed.'

Using this simple system, in one hundred and seven breedings, we have a 93% conception rate, and larger than normal litter sizes. All were vaginal A. I.'s using fresh and frozen semen. How much are puppies worth to you? 

If you want puppies...

  • Never...

    breed a bitch on her 13th day just because you think it is her 13th day

  •  Never...

    breed naturally just because you think it is easier or because you think you have a better chance

  •  Never...

    breed to a stud dog if the quality of his semen is unknown

  •  Never...

    waste time and money on transportation unless you believe you will get pups

Now you can...

  •  Take out the guessing

    Know the correct day to breed. Eliminate reproductive infections. Know the quality of the semen. Save time and money. Have a 90% chance of having puppies.

  •  4 Steps to Breeding Success

    We use this simple four step method on our farm to eliminate the most probable causes of a missed conception.

  •  Our Semen Preservation System

    The Camelot Semen Preseravtion System has proven to have the highest conception rates, the largest average litter sizes, and is used by more veterinarians and professional breeders than any other system of freezing canine semen in the world.