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The Four Steps to Breeding Success

A Story of Successfully Improving Breeding Efficiency and the Way People Think About Breeding Dogs Today...


This presentation is for veterinarians and professional breeders only. It is not intended for use by those whose only motive in breeding is to produce more puppies so animal shelters can find homes for them. They already have too many dogs to take care of, and they do not need any more of them. Animal shelters and their dedicated personnel provide a valuable service to our communities in finding homes for dogs. If your interest is in owning a pet, don’t attempt to breed one, visit your local shelter and adopt one. It will put a lot of love in your life. Be responsible for it, and it will return to you many times over the love, dedication, and support you show to it

Dogs are not responsible for their overpopulation in shelters, irresponsible people are. This presentation is not intended to be viewed by irresponsible persons.

We believe that there must be a place and purpose for every puppy produced, or the breeding should not take place. Every dog should be properly taken care of to insure it’s health. No dog should ever be “put down” unless it is vicious or it’s health requires that, after living a long and wonderful life.

Information contained herein proves that better breeding efficiency leads to less breedings producing better champion dogs. If that is not your interest, please do not view this presentation, and please do not breed dogs.

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