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Camelot Farms
P.O. Box 9191,
College Station, TX,

Telephone: +1 979 690 0499


Four Steps to Breeding Success

Among the many changes...

  Fewer dogs being bred as requested by the NGA Board.
  All breeders have better access to the best stud dogs.
  Bitch owners have less cost of travel to the stud dog when he is available “locally” using frozen semen.
  Semen is now more available from other countries as “outcrosses”.
  Puppies are now produced from “classic bloodlines” of long deceased sires.
  Greater breeding efficiency achieved in terms of conception rates and litter sizes.
  Better quality dogs being produced, and track records continue to improve.
  Studmasters and inseminators have more knowledge about breeding techniques.
  Studmasters now take responsibility for a successful mating.
  More Veterinarians are now interested in canine reproduction, A.I., and surgical implant of frozen semen

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