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Four Steps to Breeding Success

Where this system came from – A Brief History... Money, and…

In 1988, Camelot Farms was founded by Sharyn and Richard Conole, who owned a pet West Highland White Terrier, “Sweetbriars Merry Chase”, who , with the help of Kay McGuire, DVM, became an AKC Champion show dog. “Cricket”, as she was known, produced two litters, and “Camelot’s Field of Dreams”, (Rugby), also became an AKC Champion with Dr. McGuire’s handling in the show ring. During that time, Sharyn guided their Scottish Terrier, “Troon’s Wee Duffer” to an AKC Companion Dog Certification.

A few years later, they purchased a racing greyhound, a very lovable breed of dog. Sharyn decided that her real interests didn’t lie in showing, racing, or training, but in breeding and raising puppies. Like everyone who first attempts breeding, lessons are learned from those who have been doing it the longest, and from reading various material on the subject. But, there were so many different ideas and conflicting statements, written and oral, that they decided to get the answers by doing their own research. They bought the best sires available as well as the best bitch lines, purchased laboratory equipment, and started a search for answers to why conception rates were only 50% of natural matings, and litter sizes approximated 5 puppies; why A.I., chilled, and frozen semen didn’t work; why bitch owners travel to a sire without knowing the exact Date to Mate; or why they do a natural mating without knowing if the sire has the semen quality to produce a litter; infections, and why breeding was so inefficient.

Never did they think of doing their research for other breeders, but when breeders saw the results they were able to achieve, they asked for help, and the results are well known today as Camelot Farms has become a place for training of Veterinarians, studmasters, and breeders from many countries. PreMate ovulation timing test kits from Camelot Farms have become the most respected and used method of determining the Date to Mate™. Kooled Semen shipping containers and INSEMIN-AID™ have made breeding at home to a distant sire a reality, and their INSEMIN-AID™Semen Preservation System has successfully produced more frozen semen puppies nationally and internationally than any other method. The answers to these questions were found in THE FOUR STEPS TO BREEDING SUCCESS, and the products they supply.

During the past years, while Sharyn continues her research and helping others, Richard Conole has been asked to be a featured speaker at many national and international conventions and seminars including, The North American Veterinary Conference , Orlando, Florida, in 1998 and 2002; The World Greyhound Racing Federation Conference, Dublin, Ireland 1996, Sydney, Australia 2000, and Cork, Ireland 2003. This presentation contains much of that material.

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