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Four Steps to Breeding Success

1991 In the Old Days…

  More than 99% of all breedings were “natural” matings.
  Artificial Insemination and Frozen Semen were known from past experience to be unsuccessful breeding methods.
  The stud dog was “booked” 12 or 14 days from date blood first seen. If the dog was already booked, pick a dog of your second or third choice.
  “Pay your money and take your chances”, and if no pups resulted, you picked the wrong day. You may get a “return” if the stud dog is still alive when the time comes, or to a different bitch.

.BUT...NOWADAYS…Everything is different!

Today we have....

  Knowledge of bitch cycles and sperm quality of the stud dog.
  Different methods of breeding.
  Training of studmasters and inseminators.
  Different studmaster names than those of past days.
  Better studmaster facilities. 
  New techniques of artificial insemination and frozen semen,
  Veterinarians with more knowledge of A.I. and surgical implants of frozen semen.

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