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Four Steps to Breeding Success

In 1992, Sharyn Conole of CAMELOT FARMS produced 100 conceptions from 107 Artificial Insemination breedings of fresh, Kooled, and Frozen Semen, for several clients with different breeds of dogs. The average conception rate was 93% (95% with fresh semen), and the average litter size was 7.6 puppies. This proved that higher conception rates than previously thought were possible.

In 1994, Peter Denaro of Rustic Venture Kennels, Queensland, Australia, produced 103 conceptions from 107 breedings (96% conception rate) of different dogs for clients. In 1995, Ann Bourke of County Tipperary, Ireland, produced 48 conceptions out of the first 50 breedings of client bitches, for a 96% conception rate, and continues today with the same success.

Since 1993, Kent Law, DVM, and Deon Parsons, of the Symbioun Veterinary Clinic in Abilene, Kansas, have done more than 10,000 surgical implants of Frozen Semen, the vast majority of which have been done using the Semen Preservation System perfected by Camelot Farms. They have done more than all other veterinarians in the world combined have done in thirty years of trying. Their conception rate is consistently 94%, and their average litter size is 7 puppies. In 2003, they did almost 2500 Frozen Semen inseminations.

CAMELOT FARMS has trained almost 100 veterinarians, studmasters, and breeders, in Artificial Insemination, Kooled, and Frozen Semen, from more than a dozen countries, who continue to have conception rates in the mid 90% range, and larger than normal litter sizes.

Not only does it work, it gives you confidence in your breeding program, and improves your breeding efficiency. You too can do it. Just follow The Four Steps to Breeding Success.

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