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The first thing to do is to check with the appropriate registration association where you intend to register the puppies to learn the rules and regulations for using FreshCanine Semen. Each organization has different rules. The AKC requires a veterinarian to certify the collection and the insemination. The NGA requires that those licensed under its frozen semen program do the collection and insemination, and that the stud dog must also be registered for the program. Be sure to check on this long before your bitch comes into heat; otherwise, you may not have time to complete all necessary arrangements and documentation.
Once you know the requirements, you should contact the owner (or studmaster) of the stud dog to whom you wish to breed. Arrange with them for the collection at their location, who will do it, certification (if necessary), how much the collection will cost, stud fees, and who will be responsible for the shipment, health certification (brucellosis, culture), and semen analysis. Remember, it makes no sense to spend money breeding to a stud dog unless you know that his semen is of sufficient quality to produce puppies.

Now that you have it all arranged, you should order the PreMate ovulation timing test kit, and the container for the studmaster to ship the semen. Just before you believe the bitch will be in season, stat with step one of the Four Steps to Breeding Success.

Do a culture on the bitch. This takes a minimum of 48 hours, and longer if over a weekend, to get results from the laboratory. Give the appropriate oral and infused antibiotics. This is necessary so as to inseminate into a clean environment. It is a waste of money to plan a breeding without doing this step. It costs very little, and can make a big difference in getting conception, preventing absorption of the puppies, and in puppy survival. There are some people who do not think this is important, but why waste your money on the breeding without taking every step possible to insure conception? Our experience shows this to be just as necessary to conception as is quality semen and proper timing of the insemination. Following all of the Four Steps to Breeding Success has increased our chances of whelping puppies to over 90%, as it can for you. Don't think this step isn't important. It is!

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