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Step Two PreMate

The ovulation timing testing kit tells you when to breed. Just follow the directions. Test her every other day, at the same time of day, until her sample gets to a color between control sample "A" and control sample "B." Test daily thereafter. When her sample is as light or lighter than sample "B," call the stud dog owner to have the semen shipped that day via Federal Express next morning delivery. When you receive the semen, inseminate immediately (you may wish to inseminate half immediately, and half the next day). Skip a day, and test her with the PreMate kit again to be certain that her sample does not return to a color between "A" and "B" which would indicate a split estrus.
The stud dog owner is most anxious for you to keep them informed as to how the bitch is coming along and when you want them to ship the semen. It is in their best interest to assist in every way to insure a healthy litter is whelped.

Step 3 Check Mate

If the dog has not been mated or collected in the past few weeks, this should be done along with a semen analysis. Our container will not increase a dog's sperm count; only a healthy dog can do that!


When the stud dog owner or his/her veterinarian receives the container, they should open it carefully by slitting (not tearing) the tape at both top ends and along the center seam. The container is reusable if not damaged. Remove the black rubber packing from the top and save it for re-shipment. Next lift the contents by the strap. You will notice two boxes, one on top of the other. Place the Top box containing the INSEMIN-AID tube into your freezer. The other should be placed in the refrigerator. Both boxes are marked and should be stored in their respective places for at least 24 hours prior to shipment .

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