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Two hours prior to the collection remove the tube of INSEMIN-AID from the freezer, and set it on the shelf to acclimate to room temperature. When thawed, shake gently to mix. Collect the dog, stopping the collection after the sperm rich second fraction (when the cloudy color turns clear). Check for count, motility, and forward progression of the sperm, and if sufficient to produce pups, it should be added to the tube of INSEMIN-AID at a ratio of at least 2 partsINSEMIN-AID to 1 part semen. Depending on the amount of semen collected, it may be as high as 5 to 1.

At the option of the bitch owner, they may want to split the collection into two tubes (for two inseminations), and if so, be certain to first add the semen collection to the tube of INSEMIN-AID, mix by shaking gently, then divide into two equal portions in the two tubes.

Replace the screw caps tightly and place in the appropriate side slot in the refrigeration pack, being certain that the tubes are between the blue inserts. Keep them in the refrigerator with the tubes on their sides, until ready for shipment.

At that time, remove the freeze pack from the freezer, place the refrigeration pack (with semen tubes in side insert) on top of the freeze pack, replace the black rubber packing, close the box, and seal with plastic tape along the center seam. Complete the Federal Express shipping form, and you are ready to ship for next morning delivery.

Step Four Inseminate

Upon receipt of the container, open carefully by slitting the tape at both ends and center. Check the semen for count, motility, and forward progress, and then inseminate. The choice is yours as to using the entire collection or saving half for the next day. If the shipment did not arrive on time, use the entire collection that day, and put in a claim to refund your cost of shipment. Some people like to use the entire collection at once, believing it will live longer in the bitch. Others like to split it. The choice is yours. Have a happy and healthy litter. If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us at any time. 

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