Contact Information

Camelot Farms
P.O. Box 9191,
College Station, TX,

Telephone: +1 979 690 0499


Four Steps to Breeding Success

Necessities for Canine Breeding Research… Money, and…

  Several top quality bloodline sires and brood bitches.
  Excellent laboratory facilities and equipment.
  Proper nutrition, exercise, and veterinary care of dogs.
  Dogs of a breed that have a demand for quality puppies.
  Shelter and exercise runs of sufficient length.
  Friends and associates for assistance at time of need.
  Good statistics for comparison purposes.
  The American Kennel Club does not register breedings and therefore only limited information is available. The National Greyhound Association registers breedings and the results thereof, so, conception rate and litter size statistics are available.
  Thus, the need for quality greyhounds, readily available information on their breeding statistics, and the love of the breed made them the dog of first choice, although several breeds were used, and continue to be available for research.
  Camelot Farms is the only research organization with the animals to prove proper techniques and product reliability before making them available to others. Most canine reproduction products are created in a lab and never tested on live animals, until done so by the purchaser. All products of Camelot Farms research are tested by them on their own dogs prior to distribution for quality control purposes.

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